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Frequently Asked


Are services covered by the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec?

Dr. Brutus’s clinic is a private practice, which means his services are not covered by the RAMQ. Some employers and insurers will reimburse the cost of treatment. We recommend that you check with your insurer directly.

How long will I have to wait before my first appointment?

We will do our best to schedule your appointment as soon as possible according to your schedule and Dr. Brutus’s openings. You will generally need to wait 10 to 14 days before your consultation.

What should I bring to my consultation?

You should bring your medical history as well as the results of any previous imaging tests.

What will happen during my consultation?

First, you will be evaluated by a member of our nursing staff. Next, Dr. Brutus will meet with you for a more in-depth consultation. After making his diagnosis, he will recommend the best treatment. If he recommends surgery, we’ll take the time to explain the procedure itself, any specific requirements, and what the process is.

Will other medical tests be necessary?

More tests might be needed to confirm the diagnosis, assess the severity of the condition, and rule out any other problems.

Is surgery always necessary?

Many conditions can be treated without surgery. We always recommend the least invasive and most advanced treatment method, no matter what your condition.

Is my personal information protected?

Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus, responsible for the protection of personal information at Clinique Exception MD, attaches great importance to the confidentiality of your data. If you have any questions, feel free to write to him or contact a member of our team at info@drbrutus.com.

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